Monday, June 11, 2007

VirtualBox Virtualization in Fedora 7

On the suggestion of Liquidat, I decided to fire up virtualization on my new Fedora 7 PC, so that I could see if I could get my Windows Apps all working in a real windows virtualized box, and still have my excellent Gnome/Compiz desktop.  Well, worked like a charm. 

Above, you can see my widescreen Gnome desktop, with a virtualized Windows2003 Server running in a window on the left side.  This is running using innotek VirtualBox, which has an F7 executible that installed in about 10 seconds and worked straight-off.   You can see a little warp action on the window - just to show that it is running right there, and you can bounce & drag it around just like any other window.  It has great mouse integration as well, once you install the local tools on it -- all you have to do is put your mouse inside the virtual box's window, and now your mouse cursor is sync'ed with the local box. 

It actually rocks. 

Now I can ease up on all my various posts (for now) about how I can't get Dreamweaver on Linux.  Now, I literally just run Dreamweaver on Windows, on my linux box.   As Dan Kegel pointed out on my other blog post on Dreamweaver, some application of the Scientology Communication formula may still be in order to test, bugfix and work with the community to reach that lofty goal. 

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