Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sharkle - Video Sharing test of Wife @ Beach

Here's another test -- this one is Sharkle. This is a video of my wife at the beach.

Zannel Test - My Wife in the Malibu Mountains

This is a test of a blog post from another video sharing service, Zannel. This is my wife and 2 of her friends, up in the Malibu mountains. We were definitely getting some space after some long days, a la Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard's Problems of Work!

Sweeny & Scientology - Grouper

I'm testing out some of the various video sharing sites I've seen, seeing what it looks like to embed their player in your blog. This is a grouper shot, made famous on YouTube, of dork BBC reporter John Sweeney's insane tirade against a Scientologist. (Full thing is on Scientology's Freedom Magazine.)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Using Linux as a Router

I'm implementing some basic routing in a LAN I've got and am looking into using inexpensive Linux boxes as routers. I'm trying to clear all of my misunderstood words on IPv4 routing and so forth, but in the meantime am trying to get some sort of professional advice on the matter.

I've got Quagga installed on a Fedora 7 box, but there are no man pages, and googling around is producing jack diddly in terms of sample configurations.  The ripd.conf.sample that comes with it is a joke with nothing really in it (i.e. compare this ot the squid config file!) 

This is leading me to believe that nobody who is anybody actually uses their linux box as a router.

Looking for other opinions, though.  Anyone else actually using Linux as a router?

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Monday, June 11, 2007

VirtualBox Virtualization in Fedora 7

On the suggestion of Liquidat, I decided to fire up virtualization on my new Fedora 7 PC, so that I could see if I could get my Windows Apps all working in a real windows virtualized box, and still have my excellent Gnome/Compiz desktop.  Well, worked like a charm. 

Above, you can see my widescreen Gnome desktop, with a virtualized Windows2003 Server running in a window on the left side.  This is running using innotek VirtualBox, which has an F7 executible that installed in about 10 seconds and worked straight-off.   You can see a little warp action on the window - just to show that it is running right there, and you can bounce & drag it around just like any other window.  It has great mouse integration as well, once you install the local tools on it -- all you have to do is put your mouse inside the virtual box's window, and now your mouse cursor is sync'ed with the local box. 

It actually rocks. 

Now I can ease up on all my various posts (for now) about how I can't get Dreamweaver on Linux.  Now, I literally just run Dreamweaver on Windows, on my linux box.   As Dan Kegel pointed out on my other blog post on Dreamweaver, some application of the Scientology Communication formula may still be in order to test, bugfix and work with the community to reach that lofty goal. 

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Underwater Hotel in Dubai

I think someone's going to need to put a Church of Scientology in Dubai, as I'm going to have to move there. The gadget/technology lover in me has now boiled over, after seeing their latest project - a massive underwater hotel being built in the Persian Gulf.

I've read posts on this sort of thing earlier, from the Burj Dubai's site to various other articles on the massive growth of Dubai.

What I don't know, and what Dubai does not have, at this time, is any similarly-sized Churches of Scientology. Everything else is oversized and, well, over the top. However, I'll still be tied here to the States for as long as there's no Church there for me to attend. Does anyone know if other Churches are represented in Dubai? Seems like there would be, with how International the place has become.

In any case, intriguing all the same. What's next?