Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Underwater Hotel in Dubai

I think someone's going to need to put a Church of Scientology in Dubai, as I'm going to have to move there. The gadget/technology lover in me has now boiled over, after seeing their latest project - a massive underwater hotel being built in the Persian Gulf.

I've read posts on this sort of thing earlier, from the Burj Dubai's site to various other articles on the massive growth of Dubai.

What I don't know, and what Dubai does not have, at this time, is any similarly-sized Churches of Scientology. Everything else is oversized and, well, over the top. However, I'll still be tied here to the States for as long as there's no Church there for me to attend. Does anyone know if other Churches are represented in Dubai? Seems like there would be, with how International the place has become.

In any case, intriguing all the same. What's next?

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Neal said...

There is so much going on in Dubai as far as expansion is concerned!

Having a C of S there is a must!