Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Using Linux as a Router

I'm implementing some basic routing in a LAN I've got and am looking into using inexpensive Linux boxes as routers. I'm trying to clear all of my misunderstood words on IPv4 routing and so forth, but in the meantime am trying to get some sort of professional advice on the matter.

I've got Quagga installed on a Fedora 7 box, but there are no man pages, and googling around is producing jack diddly in terms of sample configurations.  The ripd.conf.sample that comes with it is a joke with nothing really in it (i.e. compare this ot the squid config file!) 

This is leading me to believe that nobody who is anybody actually uses their linux box as a router.

Looking for other opinions, though.  Anyone else actually using Linux as a router?

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Nick said...

you should check out there are plenty of distributions that are meant to do just that. I would suggest looking on one of those forums.

fastpagemode said...

First one I found that seems to do it is VC2 (Vyatta Community 2). However, I have no experience with such. All my experiential track so far has been with Fedora and a bit with Mandrake. Have you ever used this one, or any alternative? Does it set up well as a router?

Nick said...

honestly ive never set up a linux box to be a router using fedora or any of the mainstream distributions. I did set one up for a little while using on i found on distrowatch as i mentioned earlier. it was only for a small home network so it took about 20 mins. Here is a link for all of the distributions categorized by firewalls and routers. I did a text search for router and found several. Even one that works as a liveCD so the documentation and setup should be rather easy. Hope this helps!

Nick said...

fastpagemode said...

Right on. Thanks much for that.

I'm trying Vyatta right now, see if I can fire it up on some little rice box I have sitting around. We'll see how that goes.