Friday, September 07, 2007

Nifty Success from the new Scientology & Dianetics Basics

I saw this one in a success newsletter I got from Bridge Publications, and had to redistribute it. 

This is from someone who's trying to recount how incredible the new Basics are, and what makes them so nifty:

“I would be very hard-pressed to explain exactly ‘what it is’ that has so greatly changed for me and my study on Dianetics, Science of Survival and Self Analysis. Unquestionably there is a very positive change.

“Could it be glossaries? Certainly these are incredible — they always have the words I need to clear and always the most pertinent definitions for the specific usage. In the past this would have required looking up these words in several dictionaries. That is, if I had the inspiration and doggedness to continue digging for the right definition, rather than settling for what was ‘close enough.’ Now the glossaries give me the exact intended definition — worlds different than ‘close enough.’  [see an example of the glossary here]

“Maybe it’s the content? Certainly I’ve had experience of re-reading some LRH reference and getting more out of it. But not to this extent. There are entire major concepts that are new to me and that open up huge levels of understanding!  

“Perhaps it has something to do with the checksheet. I’ve read Science of Survival before, but from a completely different viewpoint, and not as any sort of companion to Dianetics. It is absolutely intended as such, of course. That its usefulness to other LRH technologies and life in general is not diminished in any way, but my appreciation of its original purpose has further endeared this book and LRH to me.

“Probably, it's a combination of these things that has made such a difference to my study of these materials.

“The end effect, and the most important part to me, is that where before I was more of an observer and casual participant of this technology, I feel that now I am a true student of Dianetics and Scientology. These materials and the underlying technology are truly mine as they never have been before. My deepest thanks to all who were involved in allowing me to more fully experience LRH Source. I am indebted.” — J.H.

Ever since these Basics were released by Mr. David Miscavige some months ago, I've been studying them myself -- I'll try to sneak in a win or two I've been having as well into this blog, as  there's nothing to compare with this!

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