Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dubai: Scientology Organization Technology

Skyline von Dubai
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Skipping through Flickr, I happened to come upon yet another intense photo of the Dubai skyline - something (as you can probably tell) I have been intrigued with of late. Look at the sheer number of cranes here, and you'll see why the local slogan is apparently "Dubai will be great, when it's finished."

Well, one of the things that immediately hits my mind, seeing an affluence of this nature, is to give people tools that they'd need to be able to continue this affluence into the future.

The introductory Scientology text, "Problems of Work", is one that has also been on the forefront of my thoughts since the new Scientology Basics books & lectures were release by Mr. David Miscavige in July of this year. Problems of Work, specifically, is probably the simplest book you'll ever read - yet it has page after page of just jaw-dropping simplicities that can utterly save a business or a culture.

Now, why would I bring that up when referring to an affluent town like Dubai? Dubai is certainly not the same thing as a town like Buffalo - where it itself had its peak years ago, and is now due for a new renaissance. Dubai is one where, if you don't handle the affluence right - and ensure the people have a good game to play and a purpose and a reason for being there -- can crash and burn and you can end up with all manner of crime, people moving away in droves, etc.

This is why a whirlwind of a place like Dubai could stand to make use of key principles covered in Problems of Work like Confusion and the Stable Datum and the solution for worker exhaustion (that ISN'T Red Bull!), and others.

I know from my friends at Scientology publisher Bridge Publications, that there is interest in Scientology basics already brewing in Dubai - but I just wanted to put in another plug for it.

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