Thursday, July 19, 2007

Video Sharing Sites

Sorry about the prior post - I was testing out some various video sharing sites and looking at how their controls worked, their automatic one-click publishing features, etc, and one of the sites I went to happened  to have old Gramma wielding an MP40.  I yielded to the same pressure that many bloggers do, and posted it.  Just shows you the pervasive power of a preposterous video. 

Definitely am intrigued though with the potential of Internet video.  I've been used to being a back-end sysadmin for some time, and just now am looking at the relative persuasive value of being able to circulate little videos that can be continuously re-watched.  Gets me thinking.

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Anonymous said...

I am dead sure that you haven’t used for promoting your products. Otherwise you would not have been complaining.