Friday, July 27, 2007

Reading the Scientology Basics?

After the release of the Scientology Basics a few weeks ago, I've all of the sudden found myself with my nose in a book once again.  I've been a Scientologist for, well, I guess around 20 years -- but the core of the religion and the essence of what it is, is contained in these books.  And these are books that I have, in some cases, never read before at all.  It's a bit like being Islamic and having only read parts of the Q'uran.

These books were all recently released anew by Mr. David Miscavige at an event where he briefed all Scientologists about the massive project that had resulted in a complete verification and restoration of these Basic Scientology materials so that they were 100% true to what L. Ron Hubbard had originally written, and so that they are in that regard 100% easy for any new person or old hand to pick up and get all of the basics of Scientology and Dianetics.

So, I've started from the beginning (according to the Scientology Materials Guide Chart), and am now in the middle of reading Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.   I'll write more when I'm through it, but for sure -- I'm now more positive than ever that the easiest, best way of understanding what Scientology and Dianetics are is to just grab one of these books and read it. 


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Anonymous said...

Hallo, I'm an italian scientologist (since 1982) and I've read a lot of books and courses. Now I've read about half of the new basics in my language and le me tell you that's completely different. I've actually realized that I did't understand the basic concept of scientology and dianetics, and now everything makes a lot more sense to me. the reasons are:
- now the translation is completely clear
- reading the books in the correct sequence, listening to the conferences, gives a unique whole meaning and a precise chain on the discoveries of Ron

I hope that every scientologist makes it through all basics because he will have so many astounding cognitions that I cant' tell.

ScientologyVM said...

That rocks!

I've often wondered what it was like to not even have the Scientology Basics in one's own language. I was studying with a Swiss for a while, and she would usually just prefer to read the English rather than anything else.

But yes - I know exactly what you mean regarding being able to read them in sequence. I've been a Scientologist since I was a little kid, but never really understood what Scientology was until I read the Basics.

Harvey said...

I have been studying the new basics package for the last couple months.
It is great, there is nothing like it. The cds and books together is wonderful. I am studying them in english which is my native language and I say the same thing!
I've actually realized that I didn't understand the basic concepts of scientology and dianetics, and now everything makes a lot more sense to me! This is the best thing that has happen to me in a long time.