Monday, March 05, 2007

Team Dianetics Takes Another One

Well, this didn't just happen - but was one of my Maryland photos that I decided to blog on today. Why? Because I can. Flickr rocks.

My friend, my wife and I, when living in D.C., had a Team Dianetics relay team, and would go around racing at various area bike/run/swim type races.

This one was some type of fat-tire fiasco, with around 1000 people there all geared up to go.

My wife was a pro backstroker, but hadn't done any racing in years, and so was a bit flipped out about even making it around the lake. It was a good half-mile she had to swim, flat-out -- and the other heats had their swimmers starting out, doing the first 1/3 of the race in FLY. Nuts. So, she finished her heat in something like 115th place, tagging me to do the mountain bike thing.

I took off on the bike, and luckily I had been riding from our house to the Church of Scientology D.C. each day, and was a bit more in shape. I passed about 100 people on the trail, and by the time I tagged our runner, we were in 10th place. John then cleaned up on the 5k trail run, and we ended up winning the thing.

Anyhow, one of my funner runs, and another thing where I try to keep myself from being a total computer geek. :)

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