Friday, March 09, 2007

R2D2 Mailboxes! USPS Celebrates Star Wars 30th Anniversary

"I guess we'll have to find new ways to mmmotivate them..."

-- Darth Vader

The US Postal Service is getting into the spirit this 30th anniversary year of Star Wars. Apparently, they’ve even got a website planned :


William said...

mail box bashing just got funner!

webstats said...
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Kombucha said...

I saw the specs include a Lightsaber launcher if you try to reach inside.

fastpagemode said...

William -

If you've watched any Star Wars at all, you'd know that if you tried to approach it to mailbox bash it, a little electric stun gun would come out the bottom and shock you in the groin. It would be very unpleasant.