Monday, October 09, 2006

Scientology Anti-Drug Program in New Zealand

Famous for its Saturday flea market, where thousands of residents and tourists come in search of bargains, fresh vegetables and fun, Otara, a suburb in South Auckland, New Zealand, is also known for its cultural diversity.
The program is based on the successful pattern developed by the Drug-Free Marshals in the USA, Africa and Asia — combating pro-drug propaganda and peer pressure by involving kids in educating other kids on the truth about drugs.

The mélange of Pacific cultures gives Otara its very unique character.

Unfortunately there is a darker side to this neighborhood as well, as statistics show that youth from Otara are more likely get in trouble with drugs and alcohol than kids in other areas of the city.

But the Drug-Free Ambassadors of Auckland have decided to change that.

And so you will see them at the Otara Flea Market, with their drug education booth, passing out booklets, inviting kids to join their team, and swearing them in with a pledge to set an example for their friends and families by living drug-free lives.

They are distributing brand new anti-drug booklets that give factual information about the most commonly abused drugs: alcohol, marijuana, inhalants, ecstasy,
cocaine, Ritalin, crystal meth (methamphetmine), heroin, LSD and Oxycodone (painkillers).

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