Saturday, October 13, 2007

Are Flickr Photos Well-Indexed in Google?

Something I wondered a bit ago, was that with the billions of photos that have been uploaded to Flickr and Photobucket, whether or not all of these photos and their content would actually be indexed in Google.  I had read in a little SEO Best-practices article that someone wrote that utilizing Flickr images could possibly be a good source of inbound traffic for your site. 

But I was then left to wonder whether or not these photos actually get indexed, and whether or not they're used at all. 

So, I just now Googled for "Anti-Psychiatry Demonstration", the title of a Flickr photo on my anti-psych demonstration in DC which I uploaded not too long ago.  And what do you know - the photo in Flickr is right now the number one result for that!  Wouldn't have thought it would be the case, what with so many anti-psych demonstrations happening around the world, but it proved an interesting point on whether or not Flickr content is indexed!

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