Monday, November 13, 2006

Incredible Adverts Put Out by Amnesty International

Just "stumbled" on an incredible set of advertisements when stumbling around on stumbleupon. Amnesty International is putting out this ad campaign to let people know that "it may not be happening in front of you, but it's happening."

I think it's a fantastic stab at the problem of raising public awareness on the subject of Human Rights violations, which many people don't even know are happening.

Awareness is only the first step though - as one needs to know what Human Rights are in the first place, so one can know if they're being violated. Which is why the Human Rights campaign that Youth for Human Rights is doing and the Human Rights campaign from the Church of Scientology International is so important -- as it briefs people, and especially children, on what Human Rights are so they can stand up for their rights when violated. Clearly any religion such as Scientology will have an impossible time trying to reach any manner of improvement in the life of its parishioners if human rights violations are happening all over.

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